Metaphysics, reversed, remains

Philosophy nears dissolving in its endeavors to reverse metaphysics. The separated-ness, the play of appearances, and the appearance of otherness, the other of the reversed, bring-together in the dissociation that lets the other and the other’s other move apart, divergently, when polarity thrusts away, away from oneness, toward disparate localities; the detour is nearness, the non-traditional remains traditional, and counter-thoughts remain the inability to escape, or to help the repressed evade, disrupting the metaphysical endeavor to place-opposite and eluding the movement of placing-opposite, movements, and placement; letting the confined evade with or without re-placement, dis-placement, or re-turning. That is, counter-thinking, despite appearing ‘radical’ in thinking otherness, separation, or that-which-escapes in its escaping and in its re-turning or non-returning, remains metaphysical thinking; and remains caught up in the same logic of placing-opposite since the re-turning or the non-returning of that-which-escapes—to re-order or to dis-order—remains (dis)(re)placing.

Reversing the placed-opposite remains placing-opposite; and reversing metaphysics remains metaphysics, reversed; metaphysical. A failure to think the traditionality of the tradition, the metaphysicality of metaphysics; a failure to question the thinking that made possible the emergence of oppositions, hierarchies, or categorizations. That-which-nears, in nearing exhaustion, if a failure succeeds; to not elude.  

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