away from, nearing

The age of the systems has past. The age that would elaborate the essential form of beings from out of the truth of beyng has not yet come

Martin Heidegger

I think that, as our society changes, at the very moment when it is in the process of changing, the author function will disappear, and in such a manner that fiction and its polysemous texts will once again function according to another mode, but still with a system of constraint—one that will no longer be the author but will have to be determined or, perhaps, experienced

Michel Foucault

Philosophy leaves be-hind, leaving behind its leaving be-hind, becoming “itself” what is left behind, murmuring that which approaches, a future that has already been and a past that is yet to come. Leaving behind is constant distancing, the distanced, away from but towards, towards what is coming and what is left be-hind that remains, in its absence, coming through a certain future, encountering the leaving behind and what is left behind, which escapes the movements of leaving and every leaving behind. A space; reserved for absence and what must be absent from the text. A paradoxical space that renders writing impossible, but without which the text cannot be written, and an absence whose presence confirms the text when such a confirmation denies the possibility of any text. A space of absence, around which the text revolves, through which philosophy endeavors to decipher another coming; but an absent space which is the disappearance of the text and that which never comes; the coming, which is neither a coming nor a leaving behind, of the same. The metaphysical text is nothing but the non-existence of the text; the spaces that whisper the presence of every absence, through which the metaphysical gods remain, evading the philosophical attempts to leave be-hind.

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