absent language

The words of the current technical vocabulary either refer to man in isolation from the other and the world, that is, as an entity not essentially in relation to the other and in a world, or they refer to falsely substantialized aspects of this isolated entity…Instead of the original bond of I and you, we take a single man in isolation and conceptualize his various aspects into the ego, the superego, and the id

R. D. Laing

Language remains absent; that which recedes, announcing the impossibility of coming by lacking a word for the other, the word of otherness, “of the original bond of I and you”. Language is the absence of language, where otherness is absent, the other of language in language, silence. Language is, impossibly, the search for its absent words, the void left by the lack of letters. Language is nothing but a crack, saying a turning toward what allows the passing through ruptures where otherness is never located, in its elsewhere-ness, but remains a missing word, an empty space, rendering language its own absence, its possibility of coming.

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