“the poem is alone”

The poem is alone. It is alone and underway. Whoever writes it must remain in its company

Paul Celan

Language is alone, refusing to be accompanied; it is a rejection of togetherness, of being-together, and whoever writes or speaks it must remain rejected and silenced in its company, failing to accompany it, unable to write or speak it because it awaits no-body, it is already underway, it has been always underway, without a direction, a beginning, or an end, saying its detours in its refusing solitude. The solitude of language demands a different relatedness with its saying; when such a related-ness is neither speaking nor writing, but hearing because we never write or speak; and when language speaks or writes, it speaks and writes our inability and failure. Hearing what language says, its saying, when it says itself, but not simply or directly. The solitude of language is its withdrawal. Language recedes when it says its words and we must not hear the words; but what recedes into silence, demanding a different hearing, a hearing that might let difference, in the time/place of thought, appear.  

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