the poem; impossibly

The poem clearly shows a strong tendency towards silence… The poem holds its ground on its own margin

Paul Celan

The poem is, impossibly, its own disappearance; it remains a not-yet in its becoming a turning towards, without ever becoming, silence, in its becoming a poem. The poem is the fading away of its words, the place left by its absence; and reading the poem is encountering the not-yet word which is turning towards its paradoxical disappearance by becoming a word, indicating the movement of the poem towards its own margins, the becoming groundless, abysmal, of a ground, the poem’s ground; or the margin as the center, as that which holds the poem by setting it free: The holding by opening up or the gatheredness of the poem into the space left by its not-yet and no-more existence. The origin of the poem is the boundary that marks its absence, the possibility of its appearance, rendering the poem its own limit, quest, and quest-ion. The poem is the problematizing of its own existence, calling itself incessantly into question by becoming a reference to itself in its turning towards what demarcates it, its origin as its absence, which is silence.

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