existentialism/meaning; metaphysics

“Meaning” is more than “itself”, manifold, it is older than existentialism/meaning; it precedes existentialism and the word. Existentialism “itself”, named differently, precedes and comes after “itself”. Existentialism/meaning is nothing but a product of “meaning”, and if existentialism and its meaning disappear, “meaning” will remain, awaiting another meaning and its disappearance, and if that which has disappeared returns, transformed or radicalized, “meaning” will remain unchallenged yet un-thought, awaiting the next disappearance and rendering possible another appearance; since existentialism/meaning is a metaphysics and a certain history, or that which is historical in its becoming absent, in its disappearing by becoming a certain past, or its future be-coming or coming, and metaphysics is what lets “meaning” and every meaning appear, the metaphysics of “meaning” or metaphysics as “meaning”, which precedes existentialism/meaning. That is, every attempt to define meaning, or meaninglessness, implies a certain un-thought conditioned-ness by metaphysics, a rootedness in metaphysics that lets metaphysics remain un-questioned; but disrupting metaphysics is not thinking the meaningless, or that which renders meaningfulness different, but that which exhausts the opposition, an inability or a failure, or that which might detour in order not to pass through the oppositional; a turning away from reversing without nearing non-reversing.

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