“God” and language

If God exists, he exists as a speaking being, and is thus himself subject to language

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe

Language is the destruction of speaking and every speaker, the absence of the spoken word and every word; the fading away of that which passes through it, the becoming-non-existent of what exists by speaking, and the becoming-silent of what speaks in order to exist. Language names a site where dying is incessant and death is impossible, an impossible site, where disappearance eludes fading away, a site-less site, to which whoever exists or speaks is brought and lost forever, unable to speak and unable to exist. “If God exists, he exists as a speaking being, and is thus himself subject to language”.

3 thoughts on ““God” and language

  1. An interesting article, to support an interesting quote. Like many religious claims, that’s all it is – an unproven, unprovable claim. In fact, it’s been proven incorrect and invalid. Several Science-Fiction writers have published stories about beings, able to communicate mentally in concepts. English speakers understand in English, and Spanish speakers understand in Spanish. While those addressed might require words and language to understand, a God would not need either. 😯

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  2. I really like the quote. It is really rare. Obvious, logical, of course easy to dismiss by apologetic believers, but insightful nevertheless.

    Also some other quotes here.

    And your general work of putting philosophy and poetry so close together is new and thrilling to me.


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