Bataille, poetry, and the strange

If poetry introduces the strange, it does so by means of the familiar. The poetic is the familiar dissolving into the strange

Georges Bataille

The strange is paradoxical, perhaps problematic or obscure; a constant departing, an infinite part-ness, what is beyond language, what language cannot reach, but that which dwells in language, language is the place of the strange, but the strange has no place, its place is without a place, and no place can enclose the strange. The familiar is the way to the strange, the familiar in language, a discontinues way, never reaching the strange and never becoming familiar again, when the word says its refusal to say by withdrawing, by becoming its own other, opening “itself” up by closing “itself” off, saying the different in the same. But poetry is neither the strange nor the familiar; it is elsewhere, taking away the familiarity of the familiar and the strangeness of the strange. “The poetic is [not] the familiar dissolving into the strange”, the poetic is that which is dissolving, that which dis-solves. The “dis” means “cutting apart”, “breaking apart”. The poetic is a cutting apart, a breaking apart, an untying, a separation from and a rejection of metaphysics, its language and its oppositions.     

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