Bataille, poetry, and the strange

If poetry introduces the strange, it does so by means of the familiar. The poetic is the familiar dissolving into the strangeGeorges Bataille The strange is paradoxical, perhaps problematic or obscure; a constant departing, an infinite part-ness, what is beyond language, what language cannot reach, but that which dwells in language, language is the place … Continue reading Bataille, poetry, and the strange

suffering; one becoming another, separated-ness

No, it is not me, it is someone else who suffers.I, I could not have suffered thus.Anna Akhmatova Suffering is the breaking up, a dispersion, of a “self”, a disintegration of the “I”. One becomes neither more nor less than “oneself”, but scattered-ness, otherness and others, separated from each other by a disbelief; the impossibility … Continue reading suffering; one becoming another, separated-ness