One is more than One; Selves

Nothingness lies coiled in the heart of beingJean-Paul Sartre Emptiness permeates the self, separating it from itself and rendering it multiple. One is not one, but a field in which strange others dwell, talking to one another by hearing each other’s murmurs, and knowing each other by encountering each other’s absences and missing each other’s traces. One … Continue reading One is more than One; Selves


The word silence is still a sound…Silence is a word which is not a wordGeorges Bataille Silence is paradoxical; to talk about it is to negate it but to remain silent is to deny it. That which is beyond and before, inside and outside language, the center and the limit of language, and what language … Continue reading Silence

Community, world, God; excluded, destructed, dead?

“My life with Nietzsche…is a community”“Nietzsche is the only one to support me: he says we”“Community can be found between two beings, outside of their belonging to… a community”“Fight for the decomposition and exclusion of all communities”“Take part in the destruction of the existing world, with eyes open to the world to come” Georges Bataille … Continue reading Community, world, God; excluded, destructed, dead?