The word silence is still a sound…Silence is a word which is not a wordGeorges Bataille Silence is paradoxical; to talk about it is to negate it but to remain silent is to deny it. That which is beyond and before, inside and outside language, the center and the limit of language, and what language … Continue reading Silence

literature and the loss of the “I”

Literature is the giving up of the “I”, the becoming-deprived of a “self”, through the separation, from “oneself” and every “self”, which “one” undergoes as soon as “one” enters into the strange space of literature; a space-less space and a distance from the “self”, its time, and language, experiencing a different time, the time of … Continue reading literature and the loss of the “I”

Bataille, poetry, and the strange

If poetry introduces the strange, it does so by means of the familiar. The poetic is the familiar dissolving into the strangeGeorges Bataille The strange is paradoxical, perhaps problematic or obscure; a constant departing, an infinite part-ness, what is beyond language, what language cannot reach, but that which dwells in language, language is the place … Continue reading Bataille, poetry, and the strange